Client Testimonials


 I just got home from THE BEST life therapy session I have had so far and  I feel ready to share what I've been up to. For the last almost 2  months I've been in life coaching (Chrysalis Life Coaching)  and therapy combined and it's made a huge difference in my life. I've  determined my career goals, and educational goals, got me and my kids on  a schedule, learned about business and personal boundaries and most  importantly how to embrace and be my true self in public and private.  AND BOUNDARIES!!!! I'm happier and at peace, my kids are happier...we  finally feel like we have a clear trajectory and path to healing and  success. I haven't felt like this in MANY years! If it's something  you've ever considered, please seek it out and do it! You will not  regret it! 

- Nina 5/2019


 Life Coaching Works !
In a few short weeks I have learned to control how I approach certain situations. 

Old Jim= Get pissed off, blow up and stay that way.
New Jim= Take a big breather, rethink what happened and why. Then approach it to resolve it.

My stress levels drops daily
Thank you Cyndi .
And Chrysalis Community Healing 

 - Client Jim 6/15/18


 I came to Cyndi during a very difficult  season in my life. She   LISTENED to me! She asked a few questions,and threw out a few ideas for  me to consider in setting the needed boundaries in my life. She  was the  quiet gentle voice I needed during the storm I was in.

 - Client Virginia  5/22/18 


Cyndi Wallace-Sipes  worked with me on boundaries. Had to set some! Seems I lean more  towards sympathy than empathy.  With her help, I have set boundaries,  reached for goals, and feel better about so many things over all.  

If you think feel you may need a bit of life changing coaching, this is the time!

 - Client Laura 3/2/2018 


I have been working with Chrysalis Life Coaching for three months and  it has been an amazing adventure. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is  the perfect analogy for what I have experienced. 


When I started working with Cyndi, I was unsure about what  direction my life was supposed to take next, and I was overly critical  of myself. I struggled to motivate myself, and felt like success was  something that only certain people could achieve, and I was not one of  those people. Cyndi offered me some very helpful tools to organize my  thoughts about my life, then she carefully listened to my perspective,  my goals, and my struggles. Together, we prioritized the areas of my  life that I wanted to work on, and came up with a step by step plan for  the future. Cyndi made sure that I was comfortable with the pace that I  chose, yet held me accountable to my goals, so that I would keep moving  forward. She would reassure me that I was making progress, even when I  felt like I had not accomplished anything, and offered excellent,  positive support throughout the entire process.

In three months,  I was able to quit smoking, start living healthier, create healthy  boundaries in some difficult relationships in my life, and outline a  career that would fulfill and sustain me. I found so much of my  confidence and motivation, because Cyndi encouraged me to make these  changes for myself, without ever pushing me in any direction I did not  choose for myself. I feel like I have been very successful in a short  period of time, and I feel as if I have a whole new set of tools to help  me build an amazing future. I am excited for the changes I will  continue to make. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is  ready to emerge into their highest potential, but needs a bit of  guidance, encouragement, and someone who will allow them to strengthen  their wings and fly. - Client Nikki, 1/2018


  "What can I say?  Working with Cyndi was a major deciding factor in  changing the course that I was on before I started talking to her!  My  story may be like many others.  I was completely out of balance and  dedicating nearly all of my non-working hours to my side business.  This  side business wasn’t serving me the way I had hoped it would.  With the  help of Cyndi, I did a deep dive back into what really makes my heart  sing in life.  I started to re-balance my attention and focus and now I  feel like I’m successfully hitting goals which are bringing me closer to  my family and at peace with myself.  I love the accountability and the  goal creation.  It keeps me centered and focused on activities that are  reaching the parts of my personality and skill set that make me happy." -  Client Ashley  1/28/2018