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When you feel like life is happening to you, Life Coaching helps empower you to live it on your terms!

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What is Life Coaching?

The Purpose of a Chrysalis/Life Coaching


A caterpillar spends its day walking around and eating leaves.  One  day it realizes the need to do and be something it has always yearned to  be.  So it struggles and fights to create the chrysalis around itself,  so it can make the transformation into what it was always meant to be.  Many times the caterpillar doesn’t emerge from its chrysalis.  It fails  to positively change into something else due to obstacles and barriers  that got in the way. 

The same can be said for humans.   As we try to become who we have dreamed of  becoming or know we are  meant to be, we run into obstacles.  Sometimes these barriers stop our  progress.  This is where a Life Coach can be of greatest help.  A Life  Coach can help you navigate around and understand the obstacles.  A Life  Coach will encourage, hold accountable and help you identify the goals  you want to achieve.

As you  transform in your chrysalis, you are encouraged and given the tools to  take bigger and bolder steps in your own transformation.  In the end, it  is from your own power and efforts that you release yourself from the  chrysalis and embrace and celebrate the new positive you, you were  always meant to be. The difference between the caterpillar and  human is that humans can enter the chrysalis phase numerous times in the  same areas or different areas of life.  

Are you ready to transform to  your new positive self and soar with the butterflies?

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Do you know how some people feel they don't have an active role in their  own lives?  I'm a Self-Empowerment Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, and I help people to be more  purposeful in becoming the star in their own story. 

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